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18 Hole Course

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Greenway Hall Golf Club, located in Stockton Brook, just four miles from the centre of Stoke-on-Trent, first opened for play back in 1909. It was conceived by James Braid, considered one of the best golf course designers of all time, and occupies an undulating, elevated position with stunning views across the Peak District towards Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

Mature landscaping, trees and a number of water features combine with bunkering to provide a good range of hazards, and the length and layout of the course suit players of all abilities.

We are known for our warm welcome, excellent golf course, quality bar and restaurant, first class customer service and value for money.

hole 1

Hole 1 | The Brook | Par 3

stroke index 10 white dot 155 yards yellow dot 150 yards red dot 145 yards

Hole Description:  Its never easy to start with a Par 3 and this is no exception. A short uphill hole but don't be fooled it plays longer than it looks. Make sure you make the Green off the Tee or you will be faced with a much further 2nd shot than you thought.

hole 2

Hole 2 | The Ridge | Par 5

stroke index 4 white dot 427 yards yellow dot 434 yards red dot 415 yards

Hole Description: First of the par 5s. A difficult uphill par 5 with a fairway that slopes from right to left and out of bounds all down the left side also the heavy tree line that runs all the way up the side of the hole also adds to the difficulty of this hole.

hole 3

Hole 3 | Four Oaks | Par 3

stroke index 18 white dot 138 yards yellow dot 129 yards red dot 117 yards

Hole Description: The shortest hole on the golf course. An uphill par 3 to a reasonably large green protected by two large deep bunkers.

hole 4

Hole 4 | Dog Leg | Par 4

stroke index 8 white dot 311 yards yellow dot 303 yards red dot 254 yards

Hole Description: A severe uphill par 4 which also dog legs viciously from right to left. Once you have reached the top of the hill, you will find a short second shot to a small tricky green.

hole 5

Hole 5 | The Bell | Par 4

stroke index 2 white dot 398 yards yellow dot 385 yards red dot 313 yards

Hole Description: A newly created pond in front of the tee adds to an already long, difficult par 4. Once over the pond you will find a fairly generous undulating fairway protected either side by a ditch and an out of bounds. Finally you will find a small, flat green.

hole 6

Hole 6 | Bagnall Heights | Par 5

stroke index 14 white dot 484 yards yellow dot 462 yards red dot 444 yards

Hole Description: Second of the par 5 holes. A long straight undulating fairway which leads to a generous green with only one green side bunker to contend with. This is a good birdie opportunity.

hole 7

Hole 7 | Old Hospital | Par 3

stroke index 16 white dot 191 yards yellow dot 164 yards red dot 158 yards

Hole Description: A slight uphill par 3 with a deep bunker situated front right of a small green. There is out of bounds on the left hand side and also waiting for you if you over hit the green.

hole 8

Hole 8 | The Road Hole | Par 4

stroke index 6 white dot 307 yards yellow dot 302 yards red dot 223 yards

Hole Description: A short par 4 which has a fairway that bends in and out between two grass mounds until it reaches a set of deep bunkers which protect an angled left to right narrow green which can be difficult to hold with your approach shot.

hole 9

Hole 9 | Halfway Cottage | Par 3

stroke index 12 white dot 192 yards yellow dot 163 yards red dot 119 yards

Hole Description: A deceptive looking par 3 which usually plays longer than it looks. A deep bunker awaits any wayward shot to the right of the green. One of the more difficult greens on the course as it slopes quite severely.

hole 10

Hole 10 | The Pond | Par 4

stroke index 9 white dot 385 yards yellow dot 372 yards red dot 226 yards

Hole Description: A difficult hole that requires good course management. From the tee you are faced with a narrow tee shot to an undulating fairway with out of bounds down the left side. If you are a long hitter beware of the two water hazards that sit around 250 yards from the tee. If you are not a long hitter then you will also need to negotiate the pond and the stream with your approach shot.

The final challenge you will face on this hole is a small green which is protected by a very deep bunker. A demanding hole for all levels.

hole 11

Hole 11 | Cricket Club | Par 4

stroke index 17/9 white dot 310 yards yellow dot 298 yards red dot 271 yards

Hole Description: A generous par 4 that requires you to hit your tee shot up and over the hill. A marker post is in position to give the correct line as the green cannot be seen from the tee. Once you are on top of the hill, you will find yourself with a short approach to a generous green with its only protection being the out of bounds beyond.

hole 12

Hole 12 | Four Shires View | Par 4

stroke index 3 white dot 422 yards yellow dot 412 yards red dot 380 yards

Hole Description: A long uphill par 4 with a wide fairway that leads to an exposed green. Can play longer than it looks as more often than not it is always windy. Fantastic views.

hole 13

Hole 13 | Greenway Farm | Par 3

stroke index 15 white dot 179 yards yellow dot 173 yards red dot 152 yards

Hole Description: Stunning downhill par 3 with picture postcard scenery. Not the longest hole but requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the large right green side bunker that protects the narrow front to back sloping green.

hole 14

Hole 14 | Castle View | Par 5

stroke index 1 white dot 510 yards yellow dot 501 yards red dot 400 yards

Hole Description: A Tricky par 5 that runs downhill with a fairway that slopes severely from left to right. A ditch also runs across the fairway.

The approach to the green also has to contend with the sloping fairway with the small green slightly raised up making it necessary for a well judged approach.

hole 15

Hole 15 | Up and Over | Par 4/3

stroke index 7 white dot 256 yards yellow dot 241 yards red dot 121 yards

Hole Description: A short uphill par 4 which requires a decision to be made off the tee whether to lay up or go for it. Be careful of the ditch which runs across the fairway and the well protected green.

hole 16

Hole 16 | Out of Sight | Par 5

stroke index 13 white dot 455 yards yellow dot 435 yards red dot 352 yards

Hole Description: The final par 5 on the course which runs down towards the clubhouse by way of a left to right sloping fairway. A tight approach to a small green surrounded by out of bounds

hole 17

Hole 17 | Woodpecker's Hole | Par 3

stroke index 5 white dot 236 yards yellow dot 202 yards red dot 183 yards

Hole Description: An elevated tee gives another great view to a downhill par 3 well guarded by 3 front bunkers with out of bounds down the right side Club selection is important with trees awaiting any misjudgment.

hole 18

Hole 18 | Clubhouse | Par 3

stroke index 11 white dot 253 yards yellow dot 241 yards red dot 232 yards

Hole Description: The longest par 3 on the course with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. This downhill hole demands a solid tee shot as the stream meanders through the fairway. As you reach the small well guarded green, you also need to be aware of the out of bounds beyond and to the clubhouse side of the green.